10 Minute Mineral Makeup

Healthy Glow Quick and Easy

1. Apply moisturizer to clean face
2. Apply SPF (this is a must to protect the skin, never skip this step)
3. Mix your loose mineral makeup foundation with your moisturizer. The more you mix the more concentrated the tinted moisturizer will be. The coverage it gives should be very sheer.
4. Brush on loose mineral makeup powder for more coverage if desired
5. Brush Golden or Sunkissed mineral makeup bronzer over your forehead, cheekbones and bridge of your nose and the center of your neck.
6. Apply a rosy gloss on lips like Candid or Wink
7. Apply brown or black brown mineral eye liner to the rim of your lashes and add mineral mascara

Dramatic Lips Quick

1. Choose a bold lip color that flatters your skin tone. Apply straight from the tube
o Cherry for pale complexions
o Coral for olive
o Either color for dark complexions
2. Keep the rest of your mineral makeup light and understated.
3. Shell mineral eye shadow for your brow bone
4. Black mineral mascara

Daytime Golden

1. For daytime metallic colors can make you look healthy and glowing
2. Dust Copper mineral eye shadow over lids
3. Apply Golden or Sunkissed mineral bronzer lightly over skin for healthy glow.
4. Add thin stoke of dark brown pencil to upper lash lines
5. Black Mineral Mascara
6. Neutral mineral blush like Adobe
7. Finish with creamy Wink lip gloss

Smokey Eyes in a Snap

1. Use a creamy black mineral pencil to rim the upper and lower lids
2. Press tip gently into the lash line. Tap don’t rub over the line to smooth it out and soften it.
3. Trace over pencil with black mineral eye shadow