A few people want that the ears of their children must be pierced when their children are infants. As there is no medical reason that they don’t do this thing so some people go for this procedure.

Some people pierce their children ears in the mall, some go to the doctor while some go to the piercer. There is a big risk in this process.

The staff which is for this work with the doctor may or may not be properly trained. Some times there are chances of infection.

If anybody wants to pierce his baby ears in a safe manner, then the person who does this process should use a new needle for this procedure to complete it in a safe manner.

There is no painkiller tablet given to babies because it is not needed. For your convenience, if you want then you give a part of infants’ acetaminophen to your infant.

Now, there is an important thing you have to care about. Please see that your baby will not repeatedly finger her pierced ears. Because if your child do this, then there will be chances of infection.

For this, you have to regularly clean your child’s ear with hydrogen peroxide or some other recommended solution. If there is more redness around that part and some green or yellow pus is there, then this indicates infection.

You have to immediately take some precaution. Actually, every person has allergic to different things. There are also chances that the metal which is in your child’s ear doesn’t suit to its ears and the child got allergic with that particular metal.  If around the opening in the ear, there are some rashes, then before take the earrings out, be confirm that the earrings which is in your baby ears is made up of surgical steel or 14 karat gold.

According to some doctor parents have to go for this procedure, when their baby is able to take care of her own ears. If parents pierce the ears on their baby when she is around six or seven ears, then it is also beneficial for parents also.

Actually beauty salon is not the right place for piercing a baby ears because it is not a germ-free place for infants. Infact, there will be more germs present there due to use of so many beauty products. Some doctors don’t agree to pierce the ears of a newborn baby. But some parents think that if they wait it will create a big problem for them. According to them as their baby will grow up there will be more chances of infection because the child will began to play with the ears.

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