The concept of a Baby Showers is essentially American with baby shower parties being very popular in the US. This idea is catching up in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia as well. The idea behind the baby shower part was to shower the mother with gifts on this joyous occasion. If the party is held after the child’s birth, then one can be more specific in choosing one’s gifts or favors.

The range and variety of Baby Shower Favors available in the market today is mind-boggling considering the fact that Baby Shower parties and events are becoming increasingly popular. The news of the future arrival of a baby is an occasion to celebrate, but as said earlier, it was originally intended to help the parents-to-be to collect items that their new-born baby will need. Sensing this need, companies have jumped on to this opportunity and a whole new industry has spawned, offering a whole range of baby shower favors or gifts to the consumer today.

Baby shower favors can be personalized or general ones, can be bought off the shelf or made oneself, bought from the neighborhood departmental store or purchased online, on the internet.  It all depends on the theme of the party and the budget you have at your disposal.

It is always better to be flexible with your budget, stretching it to accommodate costlier gifts which may be of more use to the mother or child, or shrinking it if you have been allocated an upper limit to spend. You may also substitute one gift for another.

It is usual to have a cake at a Baby shower party and cakes come in all types, resembling things associated with babies like diapers, teddy bears, feeding bottles and the like. If the shower party is held after the baby is born or in case of twins or triplets, then the cake can be suitably ordered. It may be something resembling a pair or threesome like two teddy bears or three peas.

You can also have a centre-piece in the hall or room you are having your party in like at weddings and here too you have many choices. Centre-pieces are also available in various designs shaped like a duckling, stork etc.

The usual baby shower favors are the cartons of diapers, baby blankets, bibs, baby clothes and the like. You can also gift baby soaps which come in shapes of teddy bears and ducks. Favors for the mother-to-be are the usual maternity clothes and diaper corsages.  You can be more extravagant and gift a diamond studded Tiara to the mother-to-be or even to the grandmother-to-be. Gifts for the father-to-be could be a book on ‘Being a good dad’.

A book is a good idea to gift to the mother too. ‘Good Parenting’ CDs are also available and these can be gifted to either parents. However discernment should prevail while choosing such gifts as a pediatrician or nurse might not take too kindly to it.  Gifts for the father could also be a Diaper Changing Kit. If the baby to be born is the second or third child then you can have gifts for the other children too. These can be T-shirts and the like with ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister’ printed on them.

It is also good to have favors or gifts for the invited guests as you are celebrating and want the spirit of festivity to spread all around. It also says that you appreciate their coming for the party. 

Gifts could cost as little as one dollar and could go up to 400 or 500 dollars. You could also trim down your budget by making some of the gifts at home. You could make them yourself or use some Do-It-Yourself kits to make your job easier.  

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