Baby shower parties were initially intended for ‘showering’ the mother to be and it was she who got all the attention. But with changing times, attitudes have changed and the baby shower party has now become an event for all to have a gala time and fun and excitement.

Having plenty of goodies to eat has your guests in a good mood and you can have a wide variety of these for your party. Cookies are a must and they come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes are that of ducklings, storks, prams and other things related to babies. If the party is held after the baby is born, then color also is an issue.

Pink is for baby girls and blue for baby boys. You can now also have the picture of the baby on the cookies. The picture of the baby is imprinted on the cookie in fully edible material. Pastry shops and bakeries take orders for such cookies. All they need is a photo of the baby in black and white or color. Black and white photos are preferable though.

Orders for these picture cookies can safely be placed well in advance as they last for three weeks. They are also very competitively priced at around 25 dollars for a dozen.

Cookies can also be made at home. You will need a few cookie cutters for this. You can also get cookie cutters of the desired shapes made to order.  You can also make lollipops and cakes at home. Bootie cups filled with chocolates and nuts can also be made at home. These can be given to each guest to carry home.
 The centre piece for the baby shower party can also be a gift or favor for the mother or intended as a prize of a game for one of the guests.

If it is intended for the mother, then it can be sets of diapers tied together with a doll or teddy bear in the centre or in the form of a tier cake, with the diapers held together by ribbons or lace. A teddy bear is placed on the top. The teddy bear can be one that portrays a Caucasian or African child as the case may be. Here again, the ribbons and lace used should follow the norm: pink for girls and blue for boys. Again in case of twins or triplets the diapers can be arranged to signify peas in a pod. For these make sure to use green lace or ribbons.

Baby shower party favors for the guests are a way to thank the guests for coming and it is good to have a personalized touch to them. If you have games during the baby shower, then choose the gifts keeping all the guests in mind. Baby shower favors can be bought right from one dollar, right up to a few hundred dollars. Always keep the personality and tastes of the individuals in mind.

Party favors can be household utility items too and you can have bottle openers, cookie cutters etc with the baby’s name engraved on them. Sometimes you can get baby shower party thank you cards free along with such purchases. If you make purchases in large quantities you may also get a discount. However, if you are making purchase online make sure shipping charges are included or if not, they do not hike up the price much.

Attaching a thank you tag on the favors will also lend a personalized touch to them. Placing thank you tags in small, attractively colored pails is also a good idea.

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