Hair extensions are certainly a luxury that most all women want, but not one all women can afford. In fact, one of the largest misconceptions about hair extensions is that you have to have hundreds of pounds in order to have them done, but this is simply not the case. And while all hair extensions do require a bit of an investment, when you think of the vastly different looks you can create, the price per wear can be surprisingly affordable.

One of the ways that women who normally might be excluded from a permanent and more costly hair extension application in a salon is to purchase and apply the extensions themselves. Now don’t think that the only way to do so is to purchase a cheap hair extension; that just feeds into the misconception. There is a less permanent and far more affordable option to doing hair extensions yourself, and that is the through the use of clip in hair extensions.
Clip in extensions are more affordable, are easy to apply yourself, and open up the world of your desired full length hair looks without the full service salon price. Clip in extensions are still made of human Remy hair, and in that way, they’re as natural looking as the same professionally applied hair extensions you would receive in a salon, but instead they are shipped direct to your home.

Kapello clip in extensions begin at just £139 which includes two inch strips that will extend the length of your hair by 18”. The clip in hair extensions are 100% human European hair that when properly cared for are guaranteed by Kapello to look lustrous and full for 8 months. Apply them in seconds via the simple clips and create a new, affordable look that can be changed any time the mood strikes you.

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