While it comes to body care one part of the body that people has a tendency to avoid generally is feet.

The feet bear the burden of the complete body and if frequently one of the most injured and slightest cared for areas of the body.

The caring of foot is necessary so as to stay the feet beautiful and healthy. The surface of skin on the feet is extremely delicate and caring of foot regularly is a necessity if the feet are to seem attractive.

One should consider the following things about foot care:

  • The main step for perfect foot caring is to take away the hard skin from the feet. One should apply foot cream or make use of pumice stone gently on the part so as to take away the dead surface of skin from the foot. First of all, dip the feet in a large tub that contains warm water. This may make the skin soft and dirt free, which will enable one to take away it simply. One can make use of a foot file also; massage the skin kindly and wash off the peeling residue.
  • One should mix a little amount of Palm Sea salts or mineral salts with some drops of lavender oils in a tub of hot water. After that, soak the feet for 10-15 minutes. It is really good to decrease the inflammation and reduce the pain.
  • Now, cut the nails of toes after drying the feet, mainly around the toes. And then, give the shape to the nails by using an emery board.
  • Rub the feet by making use of prosperous foot skin ointment. Gently press the upper area of the foot with the help of thumbs and cup the hands on backside of the foot.
  • Generously rub the anklebone in a round movement to take away the hardness in the ankle.
  • Take away the extra ointment from the feet and nails. After that, set cotton wool between the toes to stay them separately.
  • Initially use a base coat of nail paint and after that, use a next coat if needed. While one uses nail polish, start from the center of the nail through single stroke and afterward, work external.
  • One should wait for an hour prior to wear the footwear.

One should follow the above-mentioned steps for caring of feet one or two times in a week and one will definitely have beautiful feet.

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