The body requires exercise for staying healthy. The feet are essential part of human body; they also want to be work out.

One should do feet exercise daily to stay them healthy. The most excellent feet exercise is to walk bare feet in the park. The following are some main exercises for foot care:

Walking – walking in a proper way is very necessary for foot care. Firstly, one may walk along with a crutches or walker. The therapist or surgeon will inform how much burden to place on the foot.

One should stand comfy and straight with the weight balanced on the crutches or walker. Go forward the crutches or walker a small distance, at that time put the activated foot forward in order that the heal of the foot strokes the ground initially.

Towel Curls – Set a little soft towel on the ground and twist it toward one with the help of toes. An individual can boost the struggle through put a burden on the towel.  Rest and repeat this workout 5-6 times.

Big Toe Pulls – Set a broad rubber band just about the large sized toes and drag the large sized toes ahead of each other. Hold for few seconds and do this exercise for 10-12 times.

Toe Curls, Toe Raises – one should stay in every situation for 5-6 seconds and do this exercise for 10 times.

Toe Squeezes – Set little corks amongst toes and squeeze them for few seconds. One should do this workout for 10-12 times.

Toe drags – Place a broad rubber band just about the toes and stretch them. One should stay in this position for few seconds and do this exercise for 10-12 times.

Marble or small limestone Pick Up – set lots of marble on the ground. After that, pick up carefully one marble at a moment and place it in a little bowl. Do this exercise with all small marbles.

Ankle Pumps – One should budge the foot up and down regularly through constricting the shin and calf muscles. Do this workout periodically for some minutes, 3-4 times an hour in the recovery room.

Ankle Stretch – One should sit properly with the legs spread out in front of one. Point out the foot downward and after that, get it towards one as much as is relaxed. Stay in this position for some seconds, after that relax and do this about 10-12 times.

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