When I was first given the chance to Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill I was a touch apprehensive. Many of us have seen our fair share of make-up books and guides before and so many of them simply aren’t that good, but I’m really pleased to say that this one seriously bucks the trend! I love it! First of all, Gary is an awesome make-up artist! I’ve had the chance to meet him and watch him work in the past, he’s a super lovely guy that has a real understanding of all the elements of his trade. This knowledge of the field and you really get a glimpse of this in the Simply Glamorous book. One of the biggest positives about Simply Glamorous for me is the range of models that have been used. We aren’t cookie cutter people who all look the same, so the range of face shapes, ethnicities and ages used here are simply brilliant! Too many books only use two or three ‘perfect’ looking women all the way through and, for me at least, I always think it’s a kick to the confidence. It can be hard to see yourself being able to do a certain look when the models are straight off the catwalk! The book itself is split into three sections; Face, Eyes and Lips, and there are different looks and tutorials all the way through. Not only does Simply Glamorous show you how too apply the different products and techniques, but it also helps you to learn more about your face and which looks will work best for you.

The tutorials are all broken down into easy to follow steps with really clear, large photographs that aren’t obscured by the make-up artist’s hand. (This happens so much with tutorials!) This book would make a brilliant gift for so many people; a 16 year old just starting out discovering make-up, a 30 something wanting to reinvent themselves or someone in their 60s wanting to update their look. There’s much more to learn from Simply Glamorous than simple looks and techniques, this book can real help you to find yourself and enjoy make-up and all the confidence and positivity that it can bring. “I hope that [Simply Glamorous] will inspire and educate, as well as give you the confidence to have fun with make-up and experiment with your look…..As a former coal miner turned make-up artist, I’m living proof that rules can be broken, so don’t let anything hold you back from showing the world your beauty and feeling fabulous.” Gary Cockerill, Simply Glamorous

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