There are hordes of Baby Shower favors to choose from nowadays but you can be a bit more imaginative and add some uniqueness and charm to you baby shower gifts. For example the usual bibs, blankets and baby clothes can have the name of the mother printed on them or if the gift is made after the baby is born then the name of the child on it.

If the baby shower party is held after the baby is born then the you can have “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” printed or embossed on the gifts. If the child is Caucasian or of African origin then there are appropriate gifts for them too. These are readily available and can be bought off the shelf.

For your guests you could gift ‘disposable cameras’  which they use during the party and mail you the photos later.

You can also gift items that last a lifetime like handmade jewellery boxes by which you will be remembered for life. If you do not want to be so lavish, then of course there are a number of do-it-yourself gift sets available which you can customize and design as per your needs.

These can be soaps shaped like ducks etc. all of which are easy to make on your own and not so expensive.

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